Satin Mouse Information and Facts

Satin Mouse Information and Facts

Satin mice are named so because of their satin coats. A satin mouse has a lovely shine to their coats and are quite distinctive when compared to other varieties of mice. The satin gene is recessive to non-satin, so the best results are from satin mice mating with satin mice.

The healthiest mice are very shiny. So always check their coats fully for any blemishes if you’re look at a mouse to adopt. They come in all colors too, certain colors will show the sheen a lot better than others. This is something worth remembering.

Satin Mice as Pets

Satin mice make awesome pets as do all fancy mice. Generally speaking you are best off starting with 2-3 females as they are easier to keep. One lone satin mouse will not be happy. Females are typically more social and like human companionship. So you will be able to handle them and build up a bond.

Don’t forget all the essential equipment:

  • Cage
  • Food and water bowls/bottle
  • Plenty of bedding
  • Exercise wheel
  • House
  • Toys and other accessories

Find a nice spot for their cage. You should be aware that mice are nocturnal creatures, so expect most of their activity at night. This means keeping the cage somewhere where the noise will not disturb you while you sleep!

Find a nice quiet spot free from breezes and disturbance. Mice are easily stressed and a shocked by loud noises or being surprised. If you need advice on keeping a mice cage smelling fresh, I’ve covered that.

Mice are easy to keep as pets. You just need to do your part and keep them happy and healthy. They have a lot to give, and each mouse has their own unique personality. I’m sure you will grow to have a companion that you look forward to coming home and seeing.

Where to Buy Satin Mice

I always recommend buying fancy mice from breeders, or in some circumstances from sites where owners put pets up for adoption. Avoid going to your local pet store, no matter how convenient it is.

Pet stores often buy their pets based on the best price. This means from rodent farms, and they will not know anything about the history of the mice. Also the mice do not get the quality of attention and time being socialized as they do with owners.

It’s not difficult to find mice breeders, there are plenty of resources online to help here or a simple Google search will do. Plus pet adoption sites are more popular than ever. So you really shouldn’t have any problems finding some healthy and happy satin mice.

Satin Mouse Teeth

An interesting fact about satin mice is that they have white teeth, not the usual yellow color of most mice. It’s a huge difference, so it’s easy to see just by looking in the mouth of the mice quickly.

The reason most mice have yellow or brownish teeth is due to the enamel being warn by iron deposition. Due to specific mutations white enamel will discolor to incorporate the iron.

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