How Do Mice Get Upstairs?

How Do Mice Get Upstairs

Have you spotted signs of mice in your bedroom you need to find out where they are getting in? People are often surprised to see mice upstairs. After all, how do mice get upstairs?

Mice can climb stairs easily. Especially carpeted stairs, as carpets provide plenty of grip for their little claws.

I’ve seen it myself with both house mice, and my fancy mice on the occasion they have escaped from their cage. They don’t even skip a beat as they run vertically up each step and onto the next.

They can also climb walls, skirting boards, and banisters.  Mice are very crafty and agile, they will use a number of methods and routes to get upstairs and into your bedroom.

No one wants to think that a mouse has made it onto their bed or crawled over them in the night. So if there are any signs of mice getting into your bedroom I suggest you do something about it asap!

Can You Stop Mice Climbing up Your Stairs?

You can’t really stop them climbing your stairs. You need to stop mice coming into your home altogether if you want to stop them getting into your bedroom.

If you think you have an infestation you need to control a pest control company. I always recommend using companies that use humane methods, but it’s your call.

For signs or sightings of just a couple of mice, you probably have a small family nesting nearby and they are popping in for food. Use a humane trap yourself and relocate them somewhere far away from your home.

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