How Expensive Are Pet Mice

How Expensive Are Pet Mice

If you have decided to adopt and keep pet mice it’s sensible to find out how expensive pet mice are to keep. You need to make sure they are well within your budget and you will not have any problems giving them everything they need to keep them happy and healthy.

The good news is that mice are not expensive. The main costs are in setting them up in their new home. Once you have their cage established, it’s just feeding and new accessories going forward.

How Much Do Pet Mice Cost

Pet mice almost always cost nothing to buy from personal ads. While shops and breeders will only charge a small fee of a few pounds. Mice breed quickly if they are not separated into different sexes. This means there is always more demand for housing them than there is for supply.

I personally do not recommend buying from pet stores. This is usually the first place people go to buy mice. But in my experience pet stores do not give mice priority as they are not frequently sold, and are not expensive higher-ticket pets. Pet stores have profit in mind, and mice are not profit making pets. Its an unfortunate truth.

Breeders will know a lot more about the mice they are selling, as will personal sellers. By contacting a personal seller or breeder you can find out more about the history of the mouse and check they have been well looked after before adopting.

How Much Do Pet Mice Eat

I covered what pet mice eat and the best foods in previous posts. You can pick up a 500g bag of mouse food for around £6 that will last around a month for a couple of mice. You can add bits and pieces of fruit and vegetables as treats as and when you are eating some yourself. So that’s more of a recycling effort and does not cost anything.

How Long Do Pet Mice Live

The average life-expectancy of a pet mouse is 1-2 years. This really isn’t a long time and is the major drawback to keeping mice. They are lovable creatures and it’s easy to become very attached to them. This means their life cost isn’t very high at all making them inexpensive pets.

How Expensive Are Pet Mice

As a very rough guide I have put together the costs you can expect to pay over the two year lifespan for two mice. Please remember it’s impossible to work this out accurately, this is only intended as a rough guide to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay.

Start up Costs (Average)

Mice £2

Cage £15

Accessories £10

Bedding £5

Life Costs

Food £144 (£6 per/mth x 2 years)

Accessories £50

Bedding £50

Total life costs for two mice- Approx £276

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