Do Mice and Rats Get Along Together? (The Risks with Them Coexisting)

Do Mice and Rats Get Along Together

If you own both rats and mice or are thinking of owning both of these species there are some things you need to be aware of for the safety of all your pets.

Will or do mice and rats get along together harmoniously if you allow them to mix with each other?

No, you should never allow mice and rats to mix with each other.

Sure, I’ve heard some stories of the lovable social rat that played with mice or a mouse that happily coexisted with a rat. But these situations are rare.

It’s much more likely that a rat will kill a mouse before you have a chance to stop it. It’s their natural predatory instinct to do so.

Do Mice and Rats Coexist in Areas?

It’s possible to find areas inhabited by both mice and rats, especially if there are food sources for both of them.

It’s rare to find rats interacting with the mice however. They will not be working together or sharing space, food, shelter, and so on.

It’s fortunate that they have different needs when it comes to food and shelter. This tends to keep rats and mice separate for the most part.

Rats like to have spacious, safe places to hide out. Such as being underground or burying deep in piles of garbage. While nice will find much smaller places to nest or hideout.

When it comes to food, rats are attracted to human garbage. While mice will eat their way through almost anything at times and are a lot less picky.

Can Mice and Rats Live in the Same Cage?

I would never advise or agree with keeping rats and mice in the same cage, it’s most likely going to end with the rats attacking and possibly killing the mice.

I’ve heard of people introducing them at a young age and seeing both of these species getting along fine, but it’s an unnecessary risk.

They would not socialize or live together in the wild, or by choice in my opinion. So why force it by putting them together in the same cage?

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