What do Pet Mice eat?

What do pet mice eat

A common question from people new to owning pet mice is, what do pet mice eat?

Ideally I would recommend a mix of shop bought food mixes and some fresh food you can source yourself, this will help deliver a balanced diet. All the information you need on shop bought foods can be found here. I will breakdown some of the other foods you can feed your mice below;

What do Pet Mice Eat?


Mice enjoy a wide variety of plant seeds. Make sure you create a mix of different seeds to add some variation to their diets. The most common and easily obtainable types of seeds are sunflower seeds, bird seed mix, oats and millet. If you are looking for pre-made packs of seed mix foods be sure to check out the post with products I have reviewed.


Mice love vegetables in general, by that I mean I have not found a vegetable my mice won’t eat. It is always worth washing and peeling any skin off the vegetables before putting in their cage to minimize the chance of chemicals.

Try some of these vegetables;

  • Carrots
  • Cabbage
  • Cucumber
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Soya Beans

I’m sure there is at least one vegetable in that list that anyone reading this uses often at home. Just clean, chop, peel, and drop a few pieces in next time and see how well your mice take to it.

Don’t leave the pieces in there for too long if they are leaving it, you don’t want to attract any insects as the food degrades.


Much like I explained with vegetables its advisable to peel fruit where applicable before giving it to your mice. Some of the fruits that have been tried, tested and well received are;

  • Apricot
  • Peach
  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Pear
  • Coconut

Be aware that some fruits can perish quickly once exposed and may make a mess or an odor if you put far too much in the cage. When you know what your mice like, you may want to keep some fresh piece and hand feed them as treats.

The handy part about feeding pieces of fruit is that, mice can eat the bits you probably wouldn’t. So look at it as a kind of recycling, along with doing a good deed and treating your pets.

Shop Bought Food Mixes

Personally I feed my mice the pre-packaged food you see here to the left. (Just click the picture to see the latest price on Amazon).

They love it, ok there are a couple of seed types that certain mice leave, but it all gets eaten up. It’s convenient just throwing a handful in when in a hurry.

Find a balance

From all the foods here it is important to find a balanced diet for your mice, this will keep them happy, and healthy. Typically I use shop bought food mixes and add pieces of fruit and vegetable every couple of days.

You can use most foods marketed for hamsters. If you are unsure then check with the distributor or shop you are buying from. Over time as you get to know your mice better you will understand what to feed them, as you take notice of what food they eat more of you can adjust accordingly.

Don’t forget that mice need to drink water too!¬†Fresh water should be available at all times, hook up a bottle to their cage and keep it topped up. Wash it out every week, or whenever you do a complete fill up.

Some Mice Eating Food


If you have anything to add to this post please leave a comment. Maybe you have a mouse that eats something unusual and strange? Or a picky mouse particular about certain foods? I’d love to hear about it.

This list is by no means exhaustive, there are a lot more foods that are suitable for pet mice. If you have anything you think I should add then let me know. Obviously it’s not a good idea to start experimenting with random foods, but keep it sensible and have fun.

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