10 Cute Pictures of Mice and Babies from Instagram

There are some incredibly cute mice pictures on Instagram. Especially of baby mice, and I just had to share some of them here. Enjoy.

Baby Mice in Hay

β€’found these babies when I was cleaning the mice out in collegeβ€’

A photo posted by Frances Baker (@fran31_x) on

Cute Fluffy Mouse

MuffinMouse and MooMouse 😍😍😍 #mice #petmice #petsofinstagram

A photo posted by 3milyisobel (@3milyisobel) on

Cute Big Eyes

White Mouse with Red Eyes

Newborn Pups

Newborn Baby Mice

#photooftheday #baby #mice #growth #progress #showing #pigment #4daysold

A photo posted by Konstantin Mihailov (@mihailov.konstantin) on

Mouse in a Sweater!

All ready for his date! 🐭

A photo posted by Baby Animals | Pets (@babyanmlpage) on

Cute Mouse on Hand

A Litter of Baby Mice

Cute Grey and White Mouse

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