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I Found a Baby Mouse What Should I Do

If you find a baby mouse that has been orphaned it will need attention quickly. You will only have a few hours to provide some care and ensure the baby mouse is going to survive. But don’t panic, there is a lot you can do and staying

Pet Mouse Health Problems

Pet mice, or fancy mice as you may call them, are pretty healthy animals generally speaking. Most owners will never come across any pet mouse health problems, and there won’t be expensive trips to the vets. A couple of huge pro points when it comes to choosing

When Do Mice Mate

Mice can breed quickly and in large numbers. Whether it is mice in captivity being bred, or wild mice breeding. When do mice mate in captivity is in your control. As a responsible owner of mice you should separate the males and females unless you are trying

When Do Mice Build Nests

Part of understanding mice and their behaviour is knowing, when do mice build nests and where do they build their nests. If you have a problem with mice coming into your home you need to locate where they are getting in. As well as where they are

What Do Pet Mice Need

There are a number of things pet mice need in their cages to keep them entertained, happy, and healthy. It’s easy setting up a mice home, and fun too. There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing their environment and making it fun for them. You

What Can Pet Mice Eat

There is often a bit of a misconception about what is and isn’t safe for per mice to eat. It’s not difficult however. What can pet mice eat that’s healthy and safe? I will be covering some popular foods and treats. Mice┬álove fruit and vegetables which often

When Do Baby Mice Open Their Eyes

Have you found an abandoned mouse in need of adopting, or have your pet mice just had offspring? Caring for pups yourself or watching a mother mouse care for their newborns is a fascinating and interesting process. It can be daunting watching a new born mice and

Best Mouse Bedding Materials

Firstly, you have to keep in mind that there is no bedding that is completely safe for mice and other small animals. There are some that are generally fine for most rodents however, and they should be fine. But should you notice any health problems as a

What Are Pet Mice Allergic To?

There are quite a few substances that mice are allergic to. You are probably wondering what are pet mice allergic to if you are experiencing health problems with your mice. I am not recommending any of these substances to help keep wild mice out of your house,

Do Mice Teeth Keep Growing?

People are more commonly aware that rats teeth continue to grow, and we have all probably heard stories about long teeth being a problem. Well, do mice teeth keep growing too? Yes, they do. Mice have 16 teeth in total, and unlike us they do not have

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