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Using Peppermint Oil to Deter Mice

Using peppermint oil to deter mice is no myth, it’s incredibly effective. It’s also a safe and natural way to deter mice from areas in your home, shed, or anywhere else you think they are going. I always advise using humane methods of removing mice. I know

How to Keep Mice out of My Shed?

I recently noticed the signs that mice had been in my shed. There were droppings and gnawing marks on some of my boxes. I’ve dealt with mice as both pets and intruders into my home. I understand mice relly well and knew how to keep mice out of

Do Dryer Sheets Work to Keep Mice Away?

If you’re looking for methods to repel mice using household items instead of calling in a pest controller you may have heard about various products that are supposed to work. I’ve heard of people using peppermint oil (which works great), ginger, baking soda, cayenne pepper, and even

How to Keep Mice out of Storage Boxes

When we put stuff away in storage boxes we assume our stuff is going to stay in perfect condition until we need it. But this is not always the case. Insects and small animals can cause damage to storage boxes and their contents. Giving you an unwelcome

Signs of Mice in Bedroom

If you’re worried you have mice getting into your bedroom you need to know the signs of mice in bedroom to look out for. Mice are nocturnal creatures, so they will often be active while you’re sleeping. This means you will rarely see them, but they leave

How Do Mice Get Upstairs?

Have you spotted signs of mice in your bedroom you need to find out where they are getting in? People are often surprised to see mice upstairs. After all, how do mice get upstairs? Mice can climb stairs easily. Especially carpeted stairs, as carpets provide plenty of

How Many Mice Is Considered an Infestation?

So you’ve spotted a mouse or two in your home and you want to know how serious the problem is. How many mice is considered an infestation and what are the signs indicating about how many mice have been letting themselves in your home? The word infestation

What Do Mice Eat in the Woods?

Are you wondering, ‘what do mice eat in the woods?’ There are a few different spices of mice you will find in the woods or woody areas, but typically you’ll find wood mice. What Do Wood Mice Eat? Wood mice eat a lot of the types of

What Is the Best Thing to Feed Wild Mice?

I don’t recommend catching and trying to tame wild mice, but if you’re trying to help mice by giving them a little extra food there’s nothing wrong with that. So, what is the best thing to feed wild mice? This is an easy one because they will

Can You Tame a Wild Baby Mouse?

Mice make for adorable pets. If you find a wild house in your house, however, you shouldn’t keep it as a pet. A lot of people ask, ‘Can you tame a wild baby mouse and keep it as a pet?‘ No, you can’t. There are a few

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