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When Do Mice Go to Sleep

Mice are nocturnal animals, which means they sleep during the day. So when do  mice go to sleep, well seeing as they are active at night they sleep during the day. This is why homeowners struggle to see them when they know they have mice coming in

Gremlin Mice: What Makes Them Gremlins

If you have heard the term gremlin mice used, it’s not a reference to the movie The Gremlins. It’s a reference to an abnormality that results in the mouse having one ear lower on the side of their head than the other. They will typically have one

Dumbo Mice: Cute with Big Ears

Dumbo mice are probably the cutest mice you will ever see. They are called ‘Dumbo mice’ because they have large ears, just like Dumbo the elephant. This type of mouse are also called Gremlin mice sometimes, but this is not entirely accurate. Gremlin mice have one ear

Mouse Clothes

While it’s fun and increasingly more popular to dress up cats and dogs in outfits. It’s not going to happen with mice. Mouse clothes do exist, and some of the mouse clothing looks really cute and fun. But in my opinion, and I’m sure in the opinion

Ferplast Krolik Rodent Cage 140 Plus Review

I recently purchased this Ferplast Krolik Rodent Cage 140 Plus for a couple of my mice and I am more than impressed. I have had Ferplast products before and they are always good quality, so no surprises here that I’m really happy with this cage. Having a

When Do Mice Reach Sexual Maturity

If you have pups, or baby mice, you will need to know – when do mice reach sexual maturity. It’s incredibly important to separate pups before they reach sexual maturity. Otherwise you risk having more baby mice and also inter-breeding. When Do Mice Reach Sexual Maturity Mice

When Do Mice Like to Come Out

When do mice like to come out? Mice are nocturnal animals and come out mostly at night. This is the main reason that you rarely see mice in your home if they are coming in. Not only do they come out at night. They have great hearing

When Do Mice Mate

Mice can breed quickly and in large numbers. Whether it is mice in captivity being bred, or wild mice breeding. When do mice mate in captivity is in your control. As a responsible owner of mice you should separate the males and females unless you are trying

When Do Mice Build Nests

Part of understanding mice and their behaviour is knowing, when do mice build nests and where do they build their nests. If you have a problem with mice coming into your home you need to locate where they are getting in. As well as where they are

How Expensive Are Pet Mice

If you have decided to adopt and keep pet mice it’s sensible to find out how expensive pet mice are to keep. You need to make sure they are well within your budget and you will not have any problems giving them everything they need to keep

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