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What to Put in a Mouse Cage

If you are new to owning mice you will need to know what to put in a mouse cage to make their lives as happy as possible. Setting up a mice cage is not complicated, there are just a few staple essentials. Then there is room for

How to Keep a Mouse Cage from Smelling

One of the down sides to keeping mice is the odor that comes from their cage. But if you know how to keep a mouse cage from smelling and are willing to keep up with the cleaning, it doesn’t need to be a problem. There are two

How to Clean a Mouse Cage

Keeping your mice cages or tanks clean and tidy is important for their well being and health. This article covers how to clean a mouse cage, and keep your home smelling fresh. There are a few tips and tricks when it comes to how to clean a

10 Cute Pictures of Mice and Babies from Instagram

There are some incredibly cute mice pictures on Instagram. Especially of baby mice, and I just had to share some of them here. Enjoy. Baby Mice in Hay •found these babies when I was cleaning the mice out in college• A photo posted by Frances Baker (@fran31_x)

How Much Space Does a Mouse Need

This is a question a lot of mice owners ask – how much space does a mouse need? The short and simple answer is, as much as possible. The more space the better. But there are some guidelines to follow to ensure you mice have enough space

Do Mice Like Light

Mice are nocturnal creatures. If you have pet mice you will hear them running around while you are trying to sleep. Which is why you should always have their cage somewhere that will not disturb you. A lot of people want to know if mice like light

When Do Baby Mice Open Their Eyes

Have you found an abandoned mouse in need of adopting, or have your pet mice just had offspring? Caring for pups yourself or watching a mother mouse care for their newborns is a fascinating and interesting process. It can be daunting watching a new born mice and

Yellow-Necked Mouse

Yellow-necked mice are a more uncommon species and you may not be familiar with them. They have a nice temperament, although they are wild and do not make good pets. They have a distinctive yellow patch of fur on their collars which gives them their name. You

Zebra Mouse

Zebra mice, also known as African Striped Grass mice, are brown in color and have black stripes running from their heads to tails. Hence being coined the name ‘zebra’. They can be kept in captivity and are pets in some countries. Being native to Africa and not

Cute Mouse Names

Giving your pet mice a name that is cool, suits them, and everyone will think is fun and interesting is a hard thing to do. I have had loads of different names over the years for my mice, and always want a new name I have not

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