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Best Mouse Bedding Materials

Firstly, you have to keep in mind that there is no bedding that is completely safe for mice and other small animals. There are some that are generally fine for most rodents however, and they should be fine. But should you notice any health problems as a

Do Mice Hibernate

If you’re wondering, do mice hibernate. The answer is no, at least for most types of mice. Particularly fancy mice, and wood mice. The two common types of mouse that you’re likely to come across. Some rodents are known to hibernate. But domestic mice will not hibernate

Why Do Mice Come into Your Home?

Mice are craft little creatures, and will find a way into your home at the smallest opportunity. But, why do mice come into your home? Well, there are a number of reasons, and equally a number of ways to stop it if it’s bothering you. Why Do

Which Small Rodents Make Good Pets?

We have a lot of love for mice on this site as you are fully aware. However, they are not the only the only rodents that make good pets. I am often asked which small rodents make good pets, and there are a few. Each spices have

What Are Pet Mice Allergic To?

There are quite a few substances that mice are allergic to. You are probably wondering what are pet mice allergic to if you are experiencing health problems with your mice. I am not recommending any of these substances to help keep wild mice out of your house,

Scents: What Do Mice Hate?

We have a lot of love on this blog for mice. Obviously most of the focus here is on pet mice owners, and caring for mice. But there are a lot of people who have problems with mice. I want to help with you ridding your house

Do Mice Teeth Keep Growing?

People are more commonly aware that rats teeth continue to grow, and we have all probably heard stories about long teeth being a problem. Well, do mice teeth keep growing too? Yes, they do. Mice have 16 teeth in total, and unlike us they do not have

Are Pet Mice Nocturnal?

Owning pets is always a big responsibility. All of a sudden you are responsible for looking after something other than yourself. With this comes a commitment, changes to your own lifestyle, and the need to adapt a little. You should always research your new pets needs and

Why Do Mice Chew Wires?

This post can apply to owners of mice, and people who have house mice sneaking in. Both parties have scratched our heads and asked, ”Why Do Mice Chew Wires?” at some point. I learned this the hard way. I let me mice out to play around from

Pet Mice Accessories

One of the most fun parts of owning any pet is buying toys and accessories. I touched on a couple of the basics here, but lets take a good look at some interesting pet mice accessories you can buy. How Many Pet Mice Accessories Do You Want?

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