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Mice Cages: Types and Preferences

An overview of housing options for your mice has been covered here. I covered some of the best mice cages, houses, and glass tanks available to purchase. In this article I am going to go into some more detail and take a detailed look at all the

Do Pet Mice Need Company?

It is a question a lot of people ask in the pet store before taking mice home, or online after the own them – Do pet mice need company? Well there are a few different things to take into consideration here. When buying a pet, keeping it

Mice as Pets: Pros and Cons

Like with any pet there are pros and cons, owning mice as pets is no different. No matter how much you love your pets there are times when you realise that you are tied to them, or maybe there is an aspect about caring for a certain

Mice Breeding: Do You Want to Breed Mice?

If you are considering mice breeding, you need to think about why you are considering it. It is very important you are doing it for the right reasons, and that you can safely carry out the breeding and look after the litters. Breeding mice is not something

Different Types of Mice

There are many different types of mice, although you will only own fancy mice at pets it is still interesting to know about other types. Typically you will only ever see fancy mice, or common house mice for sale in classified ads, in pet stores, and from

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